Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Job Search: What is Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) and how to turn it in its favor?

Most large companies don't sort through piles of resumes by hand. Especially since electronic applications and emails have taken over paper resumes. It is the ATS, applicant management software or applicant tracking tools, which take care of selecting the most interesting candidates before suggesting them to HR managers.

If you are in the middle of a job search, it is to your advantage to be well informed about how your first automated recruiter works. You will learn some tips on how to win his favor and propel your CV to the top of the “pile”.

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) Definition

A TTY, from English Applicant Tracking Systems, is a robotic software who scans the tens or hundreds of applications that a company receives for Select the profiles best corresponding to a post.

The system does not retain candidates whose CV has no qualitative value for the company, thus facilitating work for HR service employees by saving them time and efforts. To determine whether a candidacy has value or not, the ATS scans documents looking for key words referring to relevant skills for the vacant functione.

Her algorithm is thought of so as not to let each CV pass in the human stage. A job seeker therefore has every interest in learning to decode the expectations of the business management system for companies that’interest.

How to beat the ATS algorithm and make sure that his CV falls into the hands of the recruiter ?

There are several ways to make your CV stand out in the eyes of the Applicant Tracking System. They all agree on one point: follow the rules of the ATS game.

For that, immediately forget the idea of apply for jobs that do not match your profile. It will only be a waste of time, since you do not have the necessary know-how, and the software will guess it.

If you consider yourself to be the perfect person for the vacancy, then take the time to take care of your CV and cover letter professionally. For example, you can use a CV design tool that is up to date with the requirements of the current job market.

Be sure to select a simple and well-structured template for your curriculum vitae, to ensure that theATS can correctly decipher the information on this one. Make sure that all data are organized by sections, so that there is no possibility of misunderstanding.

Then use the good keywords. Indeed, the ATS will understand that your CV and cover letter are likely to meet the expectations of the company if it locates enough keywords related to the skills required for the job. So focus in particular on your list of skills, by expanding it with precise technical terms.

A word of advice: check the online ad for the job offer to which you are responding. You will discover the main keywords useful for your application. But do not limit yourself to these terms only. Add variations, as well as keywords referring to your own added value.

By writing in a synthetic way and in a style rich in technical words such as "time management", "team spirit", or "software x, y, z", you increase your score with the management system.

Finally, when applying to a company that uses ATS, remember to ensure that your CV and cover letter are sent in format .pdf and .docx. Do not apply several times in the same company, because the system perceives it directly. Avoid including dozens of keywords without context: the system looks for logic. And don't make your formatting too sophisticated: the system may lose its logic.

How to beat the ATS algorithm and ensure that your CV falls into the hands of the recruiter?

Don't forget that after the robotic ATS, there is the human

Don't try to fool the ATS. Even if you do, you won't pass the human stage anyway, which follows robotic selection.

So, always keep in mind that there is no point in creating a CV or a cover letter only focused on automatic preselection. Above all, you have to watch out for submit a genuinely worthwhile application. No tips and tricks will prevail the quality.

And it is precisely the quality and relevance of your profile that will open the doors to your dream job.