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Discord Nitro, what is it ?

Discord is an instant messaging and VoIP (Voice over IP) application very popular in the world of video games. Multiplatform, it is accessible on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOs, Android and internet browser. Fans of Twitch and Steam are especially seduced by its services adapted to gaming.

Premium subscribers enjoy various privileges within the community.

What is Discord Nitro ?

Discord Nitro designates the paid formula of the instant and voice messaging service preferred by gamers. This subscription makes it possible to lift certain technical restrictions and thus increase the resources accessible to the user. Indeed, the free mode has many limitations related to server profiles.

Concretely, as a subscriber, you unlock all custom emojis available on all the channels of the platform. You can also use animated GIF avatars. You will also be free to choose your discord tag.

This number label is, on the other hand, randomly defined on the basic offer. Finally, you will receive a reserved badge to Nitro users.

Subscription to the Discord service comes in two forms, the Nitro and Nitro Classic offer. At the end of 2020, the first was offered at $9.99 per month, against $4.99 monthly for the second. A one-year subscription also allows you to benefit from significant reductions on both formulas.

Indeed, the annual subscription is respectively limited to 99.99 dollars and 49.9 dollars.

The biggest difference between the two subscriptions lies in the ability to boost your favorite channel. This option is not available on the Classic plan. Thus, Nitro subscribers can help their server improve the performance of voice channels, expand their catalog of emojis, etc.

To embed on Discord, see this article.

How s’subscribe to Discord Nitro ?

For subscribe to Discord Nitro, the best solution is to subscribe from thechat service mobile app. The steps are otherwise quite similar on a web browser. First download the free Discord app from App Store or Google Play Store, if you don’t have it yet.

Once the installation is complete, launch the program on your smartphone.

  • Since thehome interface, open them user settings and tap on the Discord Nitro tab. The latter is on the right of the screen on Android and on the left on iOS.
  • In the Nitro section, click on the option Subscribe today.
  • Then choose between nitro And Nitro Classic on the new page displayed.
  • From this point, the mode of purchase differs slightly between the two systems.

On iOS, you can make the purchase directly from the application. Your billing data must therefore be set up directly on your phone from the dedicated interface. You will also be required to use Touch ID to confirm the transaction.

On Android, you will need to confirm the selected package after choosing between Nitro Classic and Server Boost. You can also subscribe to both offers simultaneously. It is therefore in your interest to check your subscription carefully before validating the purchase.

To finish, click Subscribe And confirm the operation with your password, confidential code or fingerprint.

It’s worth paying for it’subscription ?

Is it worth paying for the subscription?

THE Discord’s basic services are more than enough for average or intermittent users. They allow you to chat with friends or follow their discussion threads during a game. You can also join different servers and easily integrate these groups.

Moreover, it is not a simple free trial, but a full-fledged formula. THE paid versions, as for them, are mainly offered to resource-hungry profiles and other multiplayer enthusiasts. Server builders also get plenty of benefits over premium offerings.

Activate the’overlay on Discord is one of the free options, don’t worry.

In short, the subscription is not recommended for basic use or a beginner gamer. More experienced users, on the other hand, have everything to gain by subscribing to Discord Nitro offers. There premium formula will in particular support your community, if you regularly visit several servers.

You can also favor Nitro Classic, if you are only looking to improve the performance of the service. With this subscription, you already get Go-Live at 1080p at 60 FPS and screen sharing at 1080p at 30 FPS (or 720p at 60 FPS). The download limit is also increased to 50 MB (compared to 8 MB in free mode).

Additionally, global emojis and GIF avatars are common to Nitro formulas.

Cover image source: Discord Nitro/Boosts (@CheapNitroSells) | Twitter