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The functionalities of a system of wireless alarm

The system of’wireless alarm is a device’alert that works’using microwave (or radio) links. The latter can transmit on single or dual frequency depending on the technology used. However, new generations of’alarm works with Wifi, mobile communication networks or even private networks (subscription to a supplier).

I’wireless alarm is sold as a kit and includes several elements to be assembled before’be installed. I’assembly and setting can be done by yourself. More and more people are using this system to protect their homes because of its many advantages. In addition to’be simple to install, the system’alarm is also aesthetic and very practical.

It also includes many features that make life easier for users.

Wireless alarms are a great choice for homeowners

If the’wireless home alarm is more and more popular, c’is thanks to its many advantages. This system s’proves to be the best choice for homeowners thanks to its ease of’facility. Its assembly and installation do not require specific skills or’important work to be done.

He does’it is not necessary to touch the electric wires of the house to install the’wireless alarm.

Once the device is assembled, you can’install in n’any room in the house and the contrôread remotely. All you have to do is detect the areas to be protected and make sure that the internet connection passes through the said room. She can be againstôconnected with the internet connection from’a smartphone,’a tablet or’a computer.

You can also couple it to a remote monitoring network for maximum safety.

In addition to’be easy to use,’wireless home alarm is also aesthetic and discreet. You will find on the market, high-performance models with a beautiful design that s’adapt to your decoration.

I’wireless alarm can also be easily dismantled. In the event of a move, You can disassemble it without problem and bring it together for a new installation. You also have the possibility of moving it to L’state.

To do this, simply get the whole system and reinstall it in the new home.

The composition of’a wireless alarm

I’Wireless alarm is made up of two main elements: I’Alarm itself and the base or central station. I’Alarm itself includes: the movement detector, the detector of’opening, the shock sensor and’Other detectors depending on the model. They’Mainly acts: smoke detector, glass breakage detector and monoxide detector.

I’Alarm also includes the remote control, a mermaid and a remote monitoring. VS’is the remote control that remotely activates or stops the system’alarm.

The base station is the cœur your system d’alarm. All the elements of the device are connected to the base station which receives the information. VS’is also the base station which analyzes the information transmitted by the detectors.

Connected to your phone system and siren, the base station sends the signal d’intrusion to competent persons (family, police, security company, neighbours, etc.).). The station can sometimes be confused with the siren. If your home is very large and has a large area to protect, we recommend that you’install multiple sirens.

The base station is connected to a power source’power supply and also has backup battery. Your home is thus secure even in the event of a power cut’electricity.

I’alarm is usually small and portable

I’one of the advantages of’wireless alarm is its small size which makes it discreet. Indeed, despite all these components, the’wireless alarm is compact in size just like the accessories that go with it’accompany. Easy to assemble and install, it is also easy to uninstall.

In case of moving, you have the choice between moving it in l’state or uninstall it. The average case weight n’does not exceed 2 kilograms for about 200 millimeters in diameter, which facilitates its movement. The accessories that accompany the case are also small in size.

The kit comes with instructions that show you how to assemble and set up your alarm.

If you choose to uninstall it, you can easily reassemble it and then reinstall it in your new home. Its installation does not require drilling the walls. Indeed, the various elements are simply to be fixed on a support. All you have to do is locate the strategic locations and you're done.

Its commissioning is almost instantaneous. If necessary, you can always move it without difficulty.

I’alarm goes off and alerts the police or security company

When’alarm detects an anomaly (intrusion, broken glass, smoke, movement, etc.).), it records this anomaly. It then transmits it automatically and instantaneously in the form of’electrical impulse at the power plant. Transmission is via wifi or radio connectivity.

Once the control unit receives the’information of the’alarm, it processes it before transmitting it in the form of’alert. At the time of its installation, we recommend that you connect your alarm to the police station or to a security company (remote monitoring). So when the’alarm goes off, the police or security company receive the’alert immediately.

VS’is the central’wireless alarm that automatically dials the number of the police or security company you have registered. All shares of the’intruders are successively signaled to the sensors and cause chain reactions intended to scare him away. Simultaneously, the sirens (internal and external) are triggered to alert the police or the security company.

wireless detector alarm system

The alarms are provided so as not to react to the passage of your animals

You have pets and you plan to’install a system’wireless alarm ? Many future users wonder how their system’alarm can get on well with their pet. Some end up abandoning their project for fear of’incompatibility. It should be noted that the compatibility between the animals and the’alarm lies in the choice and configuration of the latter.

To prevent your alarm from going off when your pet passes by, the’ideal is to call on a professional to make the settings. The latter knows the ideal height and the rooms in which the device can be installed without fear. When the detector is installed in the right place, it will not react to the passage of’an animal.

On the other hand, it can easily detect an intrusion. The principle consists in not installing the detectors too close to the ground orôtee d’furniture. Install your system at’man so that’it does not detect your animal.

You should know that not all alarms react to the passage of animals. THE new models are equipped with’a technology that allows them to distinguish between animals humans. They’acts of the infrared detector of volume and the microwave detector also called detector « pet immune ».

The former is chosen based on your pet's weight, as it is designed to assess the animal's body mass’individual. The microwave detector distinguishes human heat from that emitted by an animal. Since the body temperature of humans is different from that of animals, he can easily distinguish.

Some devices have both technologies.

You can also opt for an alarm based on the redundancy of’information. This device avoids’alarm from going off unexpectedly. Its operation is based on’use of data emitted by the various sensors. I’alarm is triggered once all information is analyzed and deemed redundant.

I’alarm only triggers if the system detects unusual movement in multiple rooms.