Sat. May 25th, 2024

Telephone harassment: can the police find a hidden number ?

Given the number of lines allocated, number errors can happen to everyone. Haste can in particular lead to inverting numbers and calling a stranger with his hidden number. Sometimes some people give a wrong number after an unpleasant encounter. Chance is excluded, however, if the calls become untimely.

You will therefore have to take appropriate measures.

What to do when you are the victim of telephone harassment ?

You must first check if it is indeed a case of telephone harassment. Obviously, the question does not arise in the face of threats, insults and other malicious messages. Likewise, you don’t have to ask yourself: can the police find a hidden number ? ». Law enforcement is the first to contact in this situation. They have the means required to trace the caller.

You can also report suspicious calls marked by silence, breathing noises, cuts after answering… Apart from these scenarios, it is better to avoid panicking. Calls should stop, if your caller realizes their mistake. You can, however, contact the police if the caller becomes more insistent and disturbing.

In and of itself, the use of a blocked number is not sufficient proof of harassment. It may be an individual using a secure business line who has entered the wrong number. By picking up, you will solve the problem. This solution also makes it possible to identify telephone canvassers.

Indeed, call-centers often use private numbers. To remedy this, activate the ACR (anonymous call rejection) function in the call settings of your mobile.

How to identify a hidden call on iPhone and Android ?

There are various solutions to unmask a hidden call. The first option is to contact the police and file a complaint against X. This step is essential to build a file for a possible legal action. So you don’t really have to ask the question, “Can the police find a hidden number?” ? ». This formality is necessary.

The second technique is to use call forwarding on your iPhone or Android. To do this, ask your operator to redirect all your calls to a second number. The latter can then display the private number.

Indeed, call forwarding makes most of the techniques used to mask numbers ineffective. You can then pass this information on to law enforcement.

For the third method, install a parental control app on your smartphone. This type of program lists all incoming and outgoing calls from the mobile. You will be able to call back a hidden number.

In addition, the identity of the caller is always recorded, including for anonymous calls.

Can the police find a hidden number ?

Concretely, can the police find a hidden number ? Yes ! However, you must follow the procedure and be patient. Indeed, this process can be long, except in the case of extortion and explicit threats. These risks are prioritized by law enforcement.

If you are not concerned, you will pass after the proven harassment and the imminent dangers.

You must also present concrete elements to start the process. First, go to a police station by bringing your smartphone. Expose the situation, present your mobile and file a complaint against X. The police will then identify and possibly arrest the perpetrator of the telephone harassment.

Typically, investigators start by approaching your carrier and looking at your call history. The analysis will be based on your statements. So you have to be specific. Nevertheless, persistent calls are quite easy to detect.

The police can also trace from your line. At the end of the operation, they will notify the culprit and communicate the results to you.