Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Conference "Advertising. Trends and technologies" already on June 2-3 in Warsaw – under the patronage of MobileTrends

The College of Promotion, Media and Show Business cordially invites you to participate in the international scientific and practical conference "Advertising. Trends and Technologies" on June 2-3, 2022. The conference will be held in the halls of the Warsaw EXPO XXI Center at ul. Prądzyński.

The program and registration are available at http://konferencja.wsp.en/. is the content patron of the event.

The plenary (scientific) part will feature the following speakers speakers from universities in various countries, dedicated to the study and description of contemporary phenomena related to advertising. Speakers will address both the modern evolution of advertising communications, pointing out important functional and management aspects of. In the plenary part, in turn, the floor will be given to the specialists dealing with the advertising market on a daily basis.

Industry panels will be devoted to important phenomena and trends m.In. in mail advertising, advertising research or ambient media, and innovations such as appvertising, blogging and tubevertising.
The conference is addressed primarily to employees of advertising agencies, media houses and marketing departments of companies, as well as students planning to work in this field.
Participation in the Scientific Council has been declared by the most prominent Polish academics, dealing with the subject of advertising, and among the speakers are well-known and important in the scientific and advertising environment specialists.
Service is content patron events. The conference will also feature a lecture by Robert Rachwal – editor-in-chief of the site, owner of the company ClickMaster USA – the publisher of the service, as well as the originator and main organizer of the Mobile Trends Conference. During the conference, he will present mobile from the marketing side, Touching on the topic of tools and communication in m-marketing.

We strongly encourage you to participate in the event!