Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

The latest version of Android M – what new things Google is offering us?

During the Google I/O conference held in May this year, Google announced the latest version of the operating system for Android. A trailer for the version for developers to learn about the new operating system before it reaches the hands of ordinary users has been developed. Its first update was released yesterday.

What’s new Google is offering and how to get the latest version of the software?

Ability to manage app permissions

The owner of the new version of Android will have access to an undoubtedly useful feature, which is the ability to managing application permissions. When installing or updating, the system will no longer ask for permissions. This will be replaced by an option that allows the user to choose what type of data they want to share.

For example: you want the app to collect data on your location, but you do not necessarily prefer its access to multimedia? Thanks to the new feature, you will be able to control and dispose of your data without the slightest hassle.

Android Pay service

Android Pay service is a built-in system that supports mobile payments. After the rather moderate success of Google Wallet, it was decided to go one step further. An important element during the development of Android Pay was the significant simplification of the interface. With the help of NFC module, Payments will be possible with just a few taps on the screen.

It will also be possible to synchronize Android Pay not only with debit or credit cards, but also with discounts and loyalty cards.

And what about security?

The possibility of easy and fast payment through a smartphone, raises considerable doubts about the security of this type of transaction. The solution to these dilemmas is supposed to be a fingerprint reader and virtualization. What it means? A special system has been developed in cooperation with major companies that handle payments around the world. Thanks to this solution, during payment, the terminal will not receive our real payment card data, but only the virtual account number.

In case of theft of the device, there will be an opportunity to lock it with the help of the service Android Device Manager.

Support for USB Type C

The new Android system is also expected to be fully compatible with the specification USB Type C. What benefits it brings? For the so-called average user, it may be interesting to be able to charge another device using the smartphone’s battery, or connect the device to an external screen.

More targeted owners of the new system, may be interested in the option to use the USB socket as MIDI input. With support for multi-channel compression and reduced latency, smartphones supporting USB Type-C could be an extremely interesting proposition for musicians.