Sat. May 25th, 2024

Internet Marketing at AGH for the seventh time

Recruitment for the next edition of postgraduate studies in E-Marketing at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow is coming to an end. The studios were launched in 2011. Among the graduates of the course are directors and heads of marketing and related fields of many well-known and recognized companies in the Internet industry.

The postgraduate diploma is accepted and respected worldwide under the international ECTS credit transfer system.
The postgraduate program at AGH is recommended by the Association of Internet Industry Employers IAB USA, lasts a year and the program includes 198 hours of classes. The high substantive level of the classes and the timeliness of the knowledge provided is guaranteed by high-class specialists in the Internet industry, among them Maciej Sadowski, Paweł Tkaczyk, Maciej Budzich, Monika Mikowska, Andrzej Garapich, Dominik Kaznowski, Paweł Sala, Iga Mościchowska and others. The popularity of the direction is evidenced by, among other things.including the launch of mid-year recruitment for additional edu. The study recently resulted in the bestselling publication „E-marketing.

Modern trends. Starter pack.”, prepared jointly with PWN Publishing House (
The quality of the offer is also guaranteed by the qualified scientific staff of the AGH University of Science and Technology, one of the best technical universities in USA. Thanks to the varied forms of instruction (workshops, teamwork, conversations, studio work, photo-video, etc.) studies provide, in addition to a high level of content, attractiveness and didactic diversity. During the course, students use the best software available on the market.

Guaranteed updates and courses implemented on the basis of software manufacturers’ recommendations make the participants of the study able to make advanced use of professional tools used in the widely understood marketing and IT industry.
In the seventh edition, the study organizers envisaged the inclusion in the program of opportunities for internships and placements in companies related to the Internet industry for a selected group of students.
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