Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Marvel app – turn an app sketch into its prototype in minutes!

Want to prototype your own app without even knowing it? Tired of wasting time tediously creating more and more prototypes from scratch? Your problems have been solved!

Marvel – Turn Sketches Into Prototypes app will enable you to do just that. All you have to do is download it for free to your iPhone and get to work.

What and how?

Marvel Allows you to transform sketches, design skeletons or photoshop files into interactive application prototypes. It lasted a few moments, and was supported by Dropbox. The intuitive interface is designed to make the prototyping process as simple, fast and enjoyable as possible.

How it works? Just upload any images (.psd, .jpg, .gif or .png) from Dropbox and start linking them to each other. The app detects when any design changes are made and automatically updates the prototypes.

An example prototype can be seen at this link.