Sat. May 25th, 2024

Ads in mobile apps still not very popular

In USA, you can come across many studies on Internet advertising. Most often, they are devoted to the value of the advertising market (AdEx published by the IAB) or concern banner annoyance rates. However, there is little long-term trend analysis of attitudes toward advertising, says Dr. Albert Hupa, president of IRCenter.

AdvertTracking is an ongoing proposal by IRCenter and ResearchNow to take a long-term look at: when, where and in connection with which industries Internet users consciously use ads and to what extent they find them useful. Albert Hupa: The purpose of our study is to answer the question: in what case and why is online advertising of interest and its impact on the Internet user the greatest.
We've been watching Polish online advertising for the past 10 months. A handful of the most interesting findings from our research are: