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Europe’s most interesting mobile startups set trends

Portal has prepared a list of 50. noteworthy mobile hardware start-ups. All of them are from Europe and have a lot of potential for their start-ups to develop into quite an interesting and profitable business. Below you will find a list of trends set by these projects.

Smart home

One in five of the start-ups presented contributes to transforming our ordinary home into a smart home. Tado serves to maximize savings on heating and air conditioning in the home and beyond. It monitors He when we are in the house and when we are out of the house, or what time we wake up so that we can enjoy a warm apartment as soon as we get out from under the covers. Some of the functions work without our knowledge, others we can control with a smartphone.

Another extremely interesting project is CubeSensors – small squares placed in our home to provide control over… everything. They control the temperature, stuffiness in specific rooms, snoring of household members, moon phases, lighting, the amount of carbon dioxide in rooms or even the presence of mold and allergens. They will even measure how loudly our dog behaves when we are not at home. Sounds magical, but is it really real?

Other interesting start-ups that will help us turn our home into a truly smart one are: Brightup – Takes care of the best possible light quality at home, iSocket – provides remote control of electronic devices, Green momit – designer thermostat, Kiwi – opening doors for us, Wattio – measuring how much and how our home uses electricity, AirPlusPlus – measuring air pollution in our home.

Sport – a treat for cyclists


Not knowing why, many start-ups creating projects that can be categorized as sports are creating ones that will prove especially useful for cyclists. Lock8 is a spejcalne bike lock that we open with our smartphone. Blaze is a special laser for bicycles to prevent the most common bicycle accident – that is, when a driver fails to see a cyclist who is in a so-called “bicycle accident”. “blind spot” in the car’s mirror. FlyKly / Smart Wheel sounds like an invention for lazy people, although it may prove useful – it is supposed to minimize our pedaling input so that we don’t get too tired while driving, and get everywhere on time.

Visiobike i Greyp Bikes are Croatian start-ups that create completely innovative bicycle models. Wodd in turn, we can attach to the bottom of a skateboard so that it monitors our ride in terms of the route and maneuvers we make.

A new dimension of photos and recordings

Several of the start-ups are also proposing new solutions in the field of photo and video recording. Narrative is a tiny automatic camera. We can clip it to our clothes and not worry too much about lugging a camera everywhere – just double-tap the device and it will instantly take a picture and store it in memory.

Luuv is a device for amateurs of strong sensations – it’s a special stabilizer, with the help of which we will be able to shoot videos without a hint of unwanted tremors. Panono is a unique camera that takes the form of a small ball. We can toss it in the air and it will record the image for us in the form of a unique 360-degree shot in 72-megapixel quality.



Health and medical start-ups are scarce. One project, however, deserves an honorable mention, for it is a… Polish project. The start-up is called Intelclinic / NeuroOn. It’s a unique wristband that monitors our brain waves while we sleep and allows us to switch from monophasic to polyphasic sleep, i.e. sleep as efficiently as possible in the shortest possible time.

Sounds like the perfect solution for those for whom a day is always too short.

3D printers and more


3D printers entering the market also have their start-up niche. Start-ups related to this field are Leapfrog – 3D printer to be accessible and affordable to a wide range of users.

Beetherfirst is a professional 3D printer, which, in addition to the great quality of printing, is also characterized by an extremely aesthetic and eye-catching design. Little Printer / BERG Cloud it’s an ordinary-unusual printer. It is very small, we send data to it via the network, and the printouts are in a form resembling receipts. We use the app to select things that are important to us and should be on the printout – social media statuses of friends, data from our workouts, news and photos of the day, etc.

We can also use it to send a message so that it prints it out for us in a way similar to a fax machine. Fojo / Enfojer is a hipster app for Instagram fans and more. It allows us to print, or rather develop, photos from our iPhone in an old-school way. We set the parameters in the app, and then we have to go into the darkroom and put our phone and photo paper in the right place.

We ourselves have to complete the process of developing photos with the help of special chemicals, so that at the end we can enjoy an old-school Polaroid.
The full list of 50 startups can be found at this link. Among them were also new ideas for phones or operating systems, as well as forms of storage and data transfer – such as. Jolla, Blackphone (which was heavily discussed at Mobile World Congress), Nifty MiniDrive or Airtame.

Startups dedicated to the youngest, motherhood and pregnancy itself also have their 5 minutes – these are the startups Teddy The Guardian, BabyWatch / Bellabeat and / Mother. In the comments, we would love to read about the startups you recommend and the ones in which you have the highest hopes.
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