Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Apple Spring Forward: launch of Apple Watch in three versions and some other news

Yesterday, Apple’s long-awaited Spring Forward brand event took place, with the official launch of the Apple Watch, which was first unveiled last September. Apple Watch does not surprise with its parameters and functionality, but it definitely surprises with its price – the price of the exclusive version starts at $10,000. Apple also unveiled an expansion of HealthKit – ResearchKit app, which will help take care of your health and diagnose diseases more efficiently using the iPhone’a. In addition, Apple unveiled its latest, and thinnest, MacBook, which was met with more enthusiasm in many cases than the smartwatch itself.

Apple also boasted its sales results – 700 million iPhones’and 25 million Apple TVs have been sold so far.

Apple Watch – the most anticipated launch

Apple Watch was presented at the very end of the event, as the most anticipated product. Compared to other smartwatches, it definitely stands out design and Apple’s interface – Apple owes its fan base in large part to its design in the first place. As for the functionality, Apple Watch doesn’t stand out in any way. We wrote about its functionalities back in September. With the watch you will be able to read all notifications from the iPhone’a, make and receive calls, play music, it will also help during workouts – that is, it will fulfill the basic functions of a smartwatch.

In addition, the Apple Watch will allow you to make payments using Apple Pay. It will also be possible to use an assistant on it Siri. The smartwatch will connect to the phone via a Bluetooth or WiFi. The apps are presented on the screen as dots.

The watch features About 20 built-in applications, including Of course, the basic ones like news, maps and email inbox. Some of the more interesting apps are Activity allowing you to control your daily activity, reminding you that it’s high time to get moving, Workout designed to monitor workouts whether Passbook – An app that can replace your boarding pass at the airport. Battery is to last for 18 hours of use of the watch, that is, the result is strongly average.

Apple Watch will work with iPhone’s models, starting with a version of the iPhone 5 and newer.
apple watchBy far, what will attract users the most is first – the Apple “tag” itself, second – design, and third – exclusivity. Indeed, the Apple Watch will appear in three versions: standard, sports and exclusive. The latter includes Apple Watch Edition made of 18-karat gold – yellow or pink.

Each version will be available in size 38mm or 42mm. When it comes to prices, present themselves as follows:

  • Apple Watch Sport: $349 (38mm) or $399 (42mm),
  • Apple Watch: $549-1049 (38mm) or $599-1099 (42mm), the price varies depending on the selected strap,
  • Apple Watch Edition: $10,000 and up.


The price can surprise, true? The most expensive version of the Apple Watch Edition will cost 10 thousand dollars, thus giving the brand a decidedly exclusive feel. The sports watch will be the cheapest priced 349 dollars. Apple Watch will go on sale April 24. April 10 The watches will appear in some stores so that customers can test them and order the.

On April 24, Apple Watch will appear in the most industrialized countries, namely the US, UK, Australia, China, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan.

ResearchKit in concern for health

Along with iOS 8, m.In. HealthKit app to help users take care of their health. During Apple Spring Forward, the framework was also presented ResearchKit, which is expected to allow doctors to gain even more insight into a patient’s condition. In creating this solution, Apple worked with many medical centers in the US and beyond. ResearchKit is expected to provide very good diagnostic tool, designed to help m.In. In the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, by conducting several tests with the help of the iPhone’s.

Data will be available to doctors, but Apple stipulates that it guards the privacy of its customers and medical data will not be sent directly to Apple.

Non-mobile launches – new MacBook

macbook goldApple also unveiled new MacBook – the thinnest ever. The latest device has a mere 13.1mm thick and weighs 900g. Such parameters make it almost 1/4 thinner than the MacBook Air.

It has a 12-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2304×1440. Touchpad has been improved – it senses the force of pressure, which allows for an even more efficient and pleasant operation of the hardware. The motherboard has been reduced by as much as 67% compared to the previous model.

You won’t find a fan in the device either. Such a reduction in the size of components made it possible to fit inside the larger battery, which is expected to allow approx. 9-10 hours of operation on a single charge.

MacBook also has a slot USB-C, Which provides USB, DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA connectivity.
macbook motherboardMacBook will go on sale April 10. The cheapest variant will cost $1299 for 256GB of internal storage. It will come with a $1599 price tag for a better processor and 512GB.