Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Android M – a new version of Android is being prepared, which we can learn about in just 3 days at Google I/O 2022

In just 3 days, one of the most anticipated annual mobile events – Google I/O 2022 – will begin. A year ago, a new version of Android was announced at the event, and new unveilings of Android, m.in. Android Wear or Android Auto.

Speculation has begun as to what this year’s event will bring with it. The most repeated rumor is the one about the new version of the system – about Android M. Mention of this version of the system leaked inadvertently on the event website, where it was accidentally included in the event program.
Despite Android’s failure to cope with system fragmentation and rapid delivery of updates to users’ phones – the Lollipop version is hosted on only 10% of Android phones – it is likely that at Google I/O 2022 we will see the announcement of the next version of the system – this time Android M (6.0). Lollipop brought with it material design, while Android M is expected to bring m.In. Improved notification features or support for fingerprint authentication system.
As phones are becoming more and more private, and thus hiding a whole lot of important data and solutions, Google is taking security with increasing care. Therefore, it is likely that the M version will mean a Support for securing data on mobile devices via fingerprint authentication (which only users of the latest devices will be able to take advantage of, but there’s no denying it – users of older models will probably not get the update at all). The information about the appearance of this functionality in the new version of the system is the most repeated and seems to be the most certain of all rumors.
Android M is also expected to mean improved notification system. It will allow even better management of notifications and the time they are received. Notifications are also to be unified for all devices used by the user – a notification displayed on a computer will no longer be shown on a phone screen.

It is also said that the new version of Android will be even better supported the management of the entire arsenal of Smart Home and Internet of Things, as well as devices wearables. With the growing popularity of smartwatches, Android M is expected to allow the smartwatch to work even better with a smartphone. The new system is also expected to work perfectly with and support all variations on Android, such as. mentioned above Android Car, Android Wear, or Android Pay – a mobile payment solution, which was presented at MWC 2022.

Some are also coming up with theories that the new version of the system will mean new options for smartphone operation, such as. improved operation via voice commands.
The update is unlikely to augur a revolution in design, for that took place with the introduction of Android Lollipop and material design, which will likely be retained with the new update.
Of course, there are also ongoing discussions about the development of the name. As we know, the name must refer to the range of sweets. Among the proposals appear m.in.

Macadamia Nut Cookie (which, while rather unremarkable, seems to be the strongest proposition, following the leaks of the Android MNC shortcut), Muffin, Marshmallow, Milkshake or more branded: Mars, M&M’s or Milky Way. From ourselves, we also add Macaroons, in “honor” of the famous cookies, which have recently become incredibly fashionable in the confectionery industry.
At the end of the day, we have little time left for Google I/O 2022, and uncertainty will be resolved in 3 days at the event. However, it can be expected that despite the leap „letter” in the system version, which may suggest a lot of changes – big changes in the system, however, will not be. The new update will represent an evolution rather than a revolution in the history of Android, as a small revolution encountered users of Google devices less than a year ago during the release of Android Lollipop.
Countdown to Google I/O 2022 is on the official site: https://events.google.com/io2022/.