Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Fleksy – QWERTY keyboard for… smartwatches

Keyboard apps have a slew of loyal customers. Last week (12.06) SwiftKey has waived fees for its app, and now rival Fleksy is showing off its capabilities against smartwatches. It turns out that even on such a small touch screen, writing messages is possible.

Fleksy is an application that replaces the standard QWERTY keyboard on our mobile device with a Fleksy keyboard. It is distinguished by more comfortable, larger keys and the ability to predict text extremely accurately, so it allows you to write messages even without looking at the screen – at least that's what the developers promise.
Fleksy has so far been a solution dedicated primarily to smartphones (both Android and iOS) and tablets. Now the application also appears on smartwatches! Writing e-mails or text messages on the tiny screen of a smartwatch (1.63 inches for the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2) seems unrealistic, but Fleksy proves that it is absolutely possible, as seen in the promotional video.

The developers encourage you to try the app on your Samsung Galaxy Gear or Gear 2 smartwatch – installation instructions are available here.