Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

“Branding on a smartphone. Mobile brand communication” – book review by Jack Kall

The era of smartphones continues, and mobile devices have become everyone’s inseparable companion. Therefore, more and more marketers recognize their importance and appreciate the opportunities they bring with them. This brings the effect of a growing number of publications on the subject.

Today we present the book „Branding on the smartphone. Mobile brand communication” by Jack Kall.

More and more publications are appearing on the market on all topics more or less directly related to mobile marketing. In November 2021, a book was premiered “E-marketing” edited by Jaroslaw Krolewski and Pawel Sala, which is a compendium of knowledge on the subject. The end of May will see the launch of Marcin Zaremba’s book titled “Mobile for managers”.

Jack Kall’s book &#8211 was also recently premiered; “Branding on a smartphone. Brand Mobile Communications”, whose review can be found below.
The author of “Smartphone Branding” is a dr hab. Jacek Kall, Professor of the Poznan School of Banking, who also cooperates with Soul & Mind Group dealing with brand design services. He is also the author of several publications on marketing, and a member of the Polish Scientific Society of Marketing. It is worth quoting this biography at the beginning, for it is clearly reflected in the book, which bears the following hallmarks academic thesis.

It is divided into four parts, each of which is characterized by describing the phenomenon in a detailed and specialized way, while referring to many reliable sources. The book consists of the following chapters: