Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Summary of Internet Beta 2021!

Another edition of InternetBeta has made history. For 3 days, attendees had the opportunity to hear many substantive and inspiring presentations, meet people and participate in two remarkable events. Below is a brief summary of the 3rd day and an interview with the main organizer Mateusz Tułecki and conference participants, who shared their impressions of the event with us.

It is their statements that best sum up InternetBeta.
Report – day 1.
Report – day 2

Day 3

Today was a much quieter day than yesterday's. This was certainly influenced by yesterday's event, one track and changes in the program – several presentations did not take place. Everyone eagerly awaited the last lecture by Michal Sadowski. However, they have previously made appearances, among others Paulina Wardęga, Marcin Łukiańczyk, Krzysztof Sobieszek, Michał Kraus or Barbara Stawarz.

All these lectures were of a high level – rating above 4.0. Although the topics presented, such as big data or social media communication, have been covered before, here they were presented from a different perspective, which allowed for new conclusions and inspiration.
Unity had an unusual theme Krzysztof Sobieszek, whom I remember from last year's InternetBeta, when he presented the results of a research dot. The role of mobile technology in raising a child. Today the topic was cooperation between business and academia. As research shows, there are still not enough students, and companies are reluctant to cooperate with universities.

This one could prove very useful, given speculation that the EU in the next budget plans to strongly support such ventures financially (instead of Action 8.1).
At the end of the day, of course, a strong highlight – a lecture on the By Michal Sadowski. Traditionally, it did not disappoint the audience, not only inspiring action and entrepreneurship, but also showing simple tools that can support startups. The idea is extremely important – as it turns out, only 36% of products/services are businesses that did not exist before. We should take inspiration from the world around us and look for elements that can be improved, done better. In particular, using undeveloped resources.

As an example, the Uber application was given, about which there is a lot of noise lately. Michael also pointed out communication and how important it is in business to build the right relationships. There was a demonstration of helpful tools for this, such as LinkedIn, a proper CRM or LiveChat on the website. The presentation was summed up with the words "It is necessary to act naked". Doing your own business is not easy at all, it requires great commitment and many sacrifices.

But it is worth it.
The most memorable part is the beginning and the end. This will also be the case with InternetBeta. The first day with great presentations and the last lecture by Michal Sadowski certainly made the biggest impression on the participants.

Plus the atmosphere of Kielnarowa, the people attending the conference, the evening talks and concerts make it an event worth experiencing.

Interview with the main organizer – Mateusz Tułecki.

How do you evaluate the current edition of the IB?
I think it's cool. It's not for me to judge, but people are happy. I have all the time some things I would like to improve.

I know I will do much better next year.
A lot of people are working on the organization?
To be honest, no. I have not been to Rzeszow in the last few months. Everything here on site was coordinated by Lukasz Bis, without him there would certainly be no Beta.

Here two people coordinate, at Unity Group also two people, at Agora (Newspaper.(pl) one and me.
You are the main organizer and at the same time run the conference. How do you manage to reconcile it?
I don't know. I can do it and it makes it fun. This is so my baby and I want to be everywhere.

I'm the last one to leave the event and I'm the first one here in the morning.
Like yesterday's event?
Apparently epic. People liked it a lot. There were two great concerts, there were fire dancers, foosball.

I think it was fun.
How would you encourage people to participate in InternetBeta next year?
This is the place where you can actually meet and talk to people from the Internet industry. No need to go to other events, it is worth coming here. It seems to me that this is one of two or three conferences in USA that you should be at.

Asia Bucior, Unity Group

How do you evaluate this year's edition of IB?
As usual, I rate this conference as one of the best that are organized. Not because Unity Group is a co-organizer. It is really one of the few places where the whole industry meets.

Those who didn't come should regret it.
Why come here?
First of all, there are a lot of substantive presentations. It is worth keeping up to date with what is being said in the industry now. Beta creates trends for the next year – this is another reason.

And above all networking. All the events and activities around the conference are planned so that people get to know each other and think together about a specific cooperation.

Krystian Gontarek –, KidGifter, Kids On Bits

How do you like it on the IB?
He is really cool. There are a lot of interesting topics. Two years ago there was a slightly different theme, less interesting. Now there are level lectures that interest me more.

There were a lot of interesting facts about Big Data and there is more networking. I liked Yuri's presentation. He's a cool speaker and it was my first time to see him. Paulina from PIXERS also had an interesting presentation.

There was a lot of concrete, pure knowledge. You could get a lot out of it.

Monika Mikowska – I

How do you like it on IB?
This is my second time at InternetBeta. I liked it better the first time (two years ago). This year something is missing, some kind of chemistry, some kind of dot over the i… Nevertheless, it was worth coming and meeting people I haven't seen in a long time. I also met some new people, but these will be rather social relationships.

New business-type acquaintances rather lacking. Although there are times when such can be revealed a few days, weeks after the conference…
What did you like the most?
My lecture!
Come next year?
If there is a place on the agenda for my lecture, of course I will. Next time, however, I have to perform in the auditorium!

Andrzej Ogonowski – SMSAPI

What do you like most about the IB?
Above all, traditionally meritory and the fact that the whole industry comes to one place. You can do good business, you can strengthen the relationship and have fun. I liked Yuri the most.

Yuri Drabent.
Why do you tire so much? I have a massive hangover. 🙂 Yuri is always good to listen to, and I'm glad that he finally appeared on Beta.

Mieszko Lasota, KODD

How did you like this year's edition of the IB?
Beta as always gives a good talk. Great people, we had a great time. Everyone should be here!

There are always good speakers, there is always networking in the evenings. As I talk to people coming to Beta pays off for everyone.

Lukasz Klosowski –

How did you like this year's edition of the IB?
I'm a first timer and it's exactly as I've read before. I've been collecting feedback on this conference and everything agrees 100% with my perceptions. I'm here because mobile is also the internet.

Stefan Schwarz – Aterima Group

How did you like this year's edition of the IB?
This is the first edition I've been to, so it's hard for me to compare. I like the fact that for 3 days everyone gets together in a place where there is no mobile network coverage and does networking. As a result, everyone knows for the next year what is going on and who is doing what.

Magadalena Wymazala – Planet PR

How did you like this year's edition of the IB?
I get the impression that every year the meritocracy is decreasing. Unfortunately, most of the speakers come with the same presentations, or our expectations grow.
Why did you come?
I was counting on networking, meeting internet celebrities who are hard to meet on a daily basis. We see each other sometimes, when we meet on the flight, and here these few days you can spend together, talk, it's easier.
You will come next year?
Probably yes. However, one always misses the beta. Worth coming.

You can see that it's a completely different environment and if you want to function in it, this is the place to learn about it.

Anna Miotk – blogger

How did you like this year's edition of IB?
I don't have a comparison with previous ones, because I'm the first time, but I like it a lot. It's a place for inspiration, interesting ideas, sometimes a look from a different angle or even a look at other businesses that don't quite coincide with mine, but from which I can draw sources of inspiration.
Why you should come here?
You can meet a ton of cool people who are thinking about developing their own companies, or those who are developing them. You can learn from them by listening to their presentations. There's a lot of substantive content, but also cool events in the evenings, providing opportunities to both have fun and meet new and interesting people.

There is a lot going on here!