Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Business must go mobile!

Geolocation, mobile marketing and sales. Virtual access to warehouse, sales systems or corporate resources possible at any hour and from anywhere in the world. Stable servers and data security in the network.

They are the basis for the development of companies in almost every sector. It is to the issues related to the effective use of mobile technologies, both in business and in everyone’s life, that the Mobile-IT Mobile Solutions and Technologies Fair and the Mobile Trends for Business conference will be dedicated, to be held on May 27-28, 2021. in Krakow.

Mobile technologies for everyone

Rapidly advancing technological development gives us lightweight, multifunctional mobile devices with almost unlimited access to information. Downloading files from the cloud, ordering a cab through an app or a mobile bank account are almost an everyday occurrence for each of us. Mobile technologies are also an integral part of the functioning of companies in various sectors. Therefore, the fair will be accompanied by a conference Mobile Trends for Business. Among the leading topics will be issues such as:

  • Cloud and outsourcing of IT services;
  • Enterprise mobility management (mobile devices and applications);
  • mobile banking, finance;
  • Solutions for the public sector (E-learning, M-learning and software for local governments);
  • mobile marketing and commerce (the extremely popular sms and mms marketing, SoLoMo, which is social marketing based on consumer location, advertising games, in-app ads or QR codes);
  • hardware and infrastructure (end-user devices – smartphones, tablets, PDAs, Wi-Fi network devices, GSM network devices, RFID infrastructure);
  • telemedicine.

In addition to the above, a lot of space will be devoted to, among other things, the extremely popular trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), a model that involves working with your own computing equipment, LTE technology – Increasing opportunities to leverage the mobile internet, mobile payments and purchases and data security On mobile devices – cell phones, laptops and tablets.

For whom the Fair?

Among the exhibitors at the Mobile-IT Fair will be companies offering software and network solutions to support employee mobility, mobile marketing companies, providers of network infrastructure and data security solutions.
The event is dedicated to mobile technology professionals, primarily owners and directors of companies interested in implementing new technologies, managers and employees of IT departments, representatives of local governments, banks, telecommunications companies, managers and employees of marketing departments, companies providing IT support services, interactive agencies and all mobile technology enthusiasts.