Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Adobe report: mobile strategy is key in marketing efforts

Given the huge increase in the number of mobile devices in recent years, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that mobile has also gained great importance in marketing. Adobe has created a report on U.S. mobile marketing leaders. Thanks to the report, we can observe trends in mobile marketing and look at the experts in this category, learning from them how to operate most effectively in m-marketing.
Adobe surveyed executives, macros and analysts between July 3-13, 2021. The survey included 103 respondents from U.S. companies with more than 500 employees. The creators of the report cared about a broad analysis of marketing activities, analyzing various industries: media, entertainment, retail, banking and B2B high-tech ending.

17% of respondents consider themselves experts in mobile marketing.

86% consider mobile crucial in building a strategy

86% of mobile marketers say that mobile channels are extremely or very significant in their marketing strategy. Mobile marketing is taking up an increasing portion of a company’s budget, and marketers are investing a lot of money in mobile website and app development. There is an average of $5 million per year spent on mobile website development and $5.5 million spent on apps. 30% of mobile marketers spend more than $5 million annually on mobile apps and sites, while 9% – as much as more than $20 million.

Usually a scheme is used, which is also the most accurate choice when it comes to choosing an app or a mobile site. Companies create an app to strengthen the loyalty of regular customers and offer them something more from themselves, while when developing mobile sites they emphasize attracting new customers who come to the mobile site through search or social media advertising.

Optimization and updating key to application success

There is also a growing “fashion” for Responsive Web Design. Marketers are aware of the wide cross-section of mobile devices their customers have at their disposal and, in view of this, are opting for RWD so that the mobile site always looks good, regardless of the device’s screen size. As many as 84% of marketers have decided to do just that.

What’s surprising is the number of mobile apps that companies are opting for. For it turns out that more than half (53%) of those surveyed have 1-10 mobile apps. 17% of companies have more than 40 applications!

This is a really surprising number. The average that per company is 19 applications. App developers also make sure they are updated frequently – 42% do so at least once every 3 months.

Experienced mobile marketers are also measuring, testing and optimizing their mobile apps and results more carefully than those taking their first steps in the field. They realize the importance of continuous control of m-marketing activities. ¾ of mobile marketers measure user engagement with the app from week to week, and more than half use A/B testing to optimize.

Mobile experts in demand on the job market

Mobile marketing is already treated by US companies as an essential marketing strategy – 55% of marketers say it is extremely important. More than half, 61% among the surveyed companies, plan to hire more full-time employees to take care of mobile app development. Most companies already have separate teams that work only on the mobile side of the business – 83% of companies have a team dedicated only to working on mobile apps. Marketers are also making use of such technologies as GPS Whether iBeacon. Nearly half use geolocation and 18% use – iBeacons.

Almost the same percentage – 36-37% – do not yet use these technologies, but plan to implement them within the next 12 months.