Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

I get the impression that in USA we forget a bit about the specifics of the smartphone and its capabilities – Rafal Staszkiewicz

Today we present to you, as part of the series “3 questions to the speaker”, a conversation with Rafal Staszkiewicz – Partner and Country Manager at mobile advertising network Adello USA, as well as founder and CEO of mobile marketing agency – Mobilizer.
Grzegorz Kozubowski: What do you think is the coolest mobile campaign in 2021 in the world?
Rafal Staszkiewicz: I would like to give an example of an interesting use of mobile advertising as an element supporting other marketing activities, such as. ambient actions. In May this year. Swisscom executed a very interesting event promoting the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.

The action, called “All eyes on the S4,” took place in the Zurich train station hall and had a rather unusual. An interactive kiosk was installed in the hall and rewarded participants who were able to look at the screen uninterrupted for 60 minutes (this promoted the new Galaxy S4 optical sensor). Generated a very big buzz on the Internet and in the media.

More than 3.5 million people watched the video on YouTube within 10 days of publication alone.
How mobile was used in this campaign? The goal of the mobile campaign was to reach out to travelers and encourage them to attend the event. So it was key to reach the target audience of travelers (to and from Zurich + Zurich residents), geolocation and time-based targeting (e.g. ad impressions during morning and afternoon traffic). The smartphone was a perfect fit for such a premise. A full-screen ad format was used and over 0.5 million ads were aired in 1 day, on the most popular Swiss mobile sites (8.43% CTR per mobile landing page promoting the event).

The campaign was implemented by the Swiss branch of our network (Adello).
This example shows that mobile can be a great communication channel, building awareness, encouraging action, supporting other marketing campaigns. I get the impression that the focus in USA is mainly on using mobile advertising to generate clicks, leads or downloads, forgetting a bit about the specifics of the smartphone itself and its capabilities.
What are the biggest challenges facing the mobile industry in 2021?
I think the biggest challenge for the mobile industry is the increase in importance and thus in the budgets allocated to mobile projects and mobile communications. It’s hard to resist the impression that these are currently supporting and secondary projects. Despite the significant increase in mobile advertising spending (according to the IAB AdEx survey, 81% in H1 2021. relative to 2021.), still mobile campaigns are just an add-on to online communication or have only a test character.

I would like to see the inspiration for Polish marketers come from the decision announced in August by Procter & Gamble (the largest advertiser in the world) with a transfer of as much as 25-35 percent. Advertising budget for online activities (including mobile).
Finally, tell us briefly what your talk at Mobile Trends Conference 2021 will be about?
During my speech at Mobile Trends, I would first of all like to “dispel” some of the most common myths about mobile advertising. When working on mobile communication projects, planning advertising campaigns, we encounter many such myths on a daily basis. I would like to use examples and the so-called “smartphone”. hard data to show how mobile advertising works, why it is worth investing in this communication channel and what results can be expected.