Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Interior maps from Google – you will never get lost in a shopping mall again

Wednesday, 5. Google announced in March that it is enhancing its Google Maps service with interior maps, specifically, interior maps of India's most popular shopping malls. There's no denying that often finding the right store in a big mall can be much more difficult than finding the right street in a city. Google extends a helping hand to all those who feel distinctly lost in shopping malls.
Shopping malls these days are no longer just complexes of stores, but entire entertainment complexes – stores, restaurants, cinemas, game rooms, etc. – with an area of tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of square meters. Finding the store, place or even the right exit to a parking lot you are looking for is often a challenge.

Google has decided to make it easier to navigate this commercial jungle. Indoor Maps, ie interior maps, were introduced first in 75 interiors of the most popular shopping malls, which are located in 22 Indian cities. Thanks to this service, we will never again wander aimlessly around huge shopping malls, for all we have to do is pick up a smartphone and glance at a map.

All you have to do is launch Google Maps and simply zoom in on a location to see an interior map appear.
While wandering around stores may bring pleasure to women, men are sure to be delighted by Google's option of a clear and readable interior map. For some shopping malls, Google has even introduced a "My Location" option, whereby a red pin on the screen will show us exactly where we are without having to locate ourselves relative to the map. Some maps even offer routing from store to store.
Nowadays, when shopping malls compete with each other in terms of space, number of stores and other variety (it's no longer just cinemas and restaurants, but also game rooms and even libraries), indoor maps can certainly prove useful. Of course, many shopping malls have their own apps with maps, but they are not always as easy and pleasant to use as Google maps, and we can only dream about the „my location” and „route determination” functions. We hope that Google will not be idle and will soon enrich its interior maps with shopping malls in as many countries and cities as possible.