Sat. May 25th, 2024

The first watches with Android Wear: Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch

The first smartwatches running on Android Wear as of yesterday, i.e. 7.07.2021 r., have seen the light of day. These two models are LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. The watches themselves do not differ much in specifications.

Android Wear instead carries our daily assistant in the form of Google Now.
What Android Wear brings with it? Its operation mainly boils down to two tasks. The first is the display on the watch face notifications From applications installed on the smartphone with which the watch is associated. The second is the ability to voice search and control with the help of Google Now.

The two functionalities don’t seem to thrill, but after some thought, they are worthy of attention and probably enough to achieve full satisfaction from owning a watch. They can certainly make it easier to use a smartphone on the go and will keep you up to date all the time.

Google Now man’s best friend?

A special helper in everyone’s daily life may turn out to be Google Now, which, based on the videos advertising this service, can really be an “extra brain” for many of us, telling us what to do and knowing the answer to almost every question. In addition, with the command “OK Google” it will be possible to communicate with the smartphone by voice – we will be able to dictate notes, SMS or e-mail messages to it, search for information, set notifications and quite a lot more.

A solution that is not quite ideal…

Of course, voice-enabled operation of other applications, apart from the search engine or email inbox, will still require a lot of work and refinement from the developers of the application. However, with the current pace of mobile technology development, it is likely that quite soon we will be able to 95% control our phone solely by voice, speaking to the smartwatch. The same applies to notifications, which need to be refined, because at the moment the user will only receive a notification on his smartwatch about activity in one of the applications – but it won’t necessarily be clear which specific notification he is referring to – a comment, a private message, a “like” or something else.

Let’s hope that this problem will be solved as soon as possible.