Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Report “Mobile Marketing” – 2021 brings a real explosion of mobile in USA

Service at the end of the year prepared the report “Mobile Marketing”. This is not only a summary of the past year and forecasts for the coming year, but also a source of valuable information from which entrepreneurs and makers in particular can draw. The report includes statistics, forecasts, expert statements and case studies.

The year 2021 is evaluated positively, and at the same time the report heralds that 2021 may bring with it a real explosion of mobile in USA.

How a Pole uses a smartphone?

The first chapter analyzes how mobile users use the Internet on their devices. The November/December survey collected data from more than a thousand mobile Internet users. It turns out that smartphone users are most likely to use mobile sites (38%). However, as many as 1/5 prefer browsing full versions of pages.

Tablet users are most likely to browse just the desktop versions of the pages – this option is chosen by more than half of them, only 25% use the mobile versions. Apps lag far behind dexterous or mobile websites – only 13% of smartphone users and only 5% of tablet users choose them. Users are reluctant to download applications from the stores, some do not even know they have this option.
Users appreciate mobile versions of websites primarily for their loading speed. In second place was the convenience aspect of such solutions. The least appreciated is the reliability of mobile sites and how they compare to “full” sites.
As for the gender breakdown, preferences for mobile sites, dekstop sites or apps do not differ much from each other. The difference appears in the age category – younger users (mainly 30-year-olds) are most likely to use mobile sites, while those 45+ choose full versions of sites.

The mobile market in USA is booming

The third chapter is titled “The mobile market was favored by everything” and opens with quite positive statistics. According to IDC forecasts, at the end of 2021 the number of smartphones in USA will be about 13.5 million. That’s half as many as at the end of last year! During 2021, the mobile market in USA definitely flourished, and this was fostered by increasingly lower device prices, considerable competition and increasingly lower mobile internet prices. The mobile market in USA is likely to continue to flourish.

The penetration of smartphones in our country is 33%, which puts us behind, for example, the. Sweden or South Korea. However, if the predictions of Poles come true, among whom 18% want to buy their first smartphone within the next year, the penetration rate in USA could rise to 51% by the end of 2021.
Smartphone users are mostly (albeit small) men – 32% of men and 27% of women own a smartphone. The most popular brand in USA is Samsung, with Nokia in second place. 60% of Poles use the Android operating system.

Tablets are also gaining popularity – by the end of 2021, the number of devices sold in USA is expected to be 1.8 million.

M-makreting – it’s worth investing in

The third chapter also includes some thoughts on the mobile internet and mobile ads that seem to be having a better effect than online ones. The fourth chapter is entirely devoted to m-advertising. It is certainly something that all entrepreneurs should look at, as mobile devices open up a whole new gateway for marketing. The fifth chapter contains two case studies – the BRE Insurance app and the Durex campaign on Listonic. Why these campaigns are successful?

Look for the answers in the report.