Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Smartphone is a powerful tool – Arkadiusz Konior

As part of our “3 questions to the speaker” series, today we present you a conversation with Arkadiusz Konior – Groovy programmer with 7 years of experience in Java technologies. Arkadiusz shares his predictions for 2021 in the mobile industry and tells us about his favorite apps.
Grzegorz Kozubowski: What news we can expect in the mobile industry in 2021?
Arkadiusz Konior: Recently we have seen the increasing popularity of platforms such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. A variety of input/output devices and sensors for these platforms have become cheap, accessible and easy to program. 3D printing is slowly becoming accessible to everyone.

This allows us to build a smart environment for our smartphone’a. It doesn&#8217t take much money at all to build prototypes, or even finished products. In my opinion, for years heralded Internet of Things and remote communication between our smartphone’m and the objects around us will be the hot topic of this year.
What is your favorite app and why?
It is very difficult to choose one application. Smartphone is a powerful tool that makes life very easy by assisting in many daily activities. Thanks to the Gmail app, I am able to reprocess most of my emails instantly, to figure out where I am I use Maps, when driving I use the Yanosik app.

For automatic photo synchronization I use Dropbox. When I go home I send my wife Glympse. I keep quick notes in Keep. I confirm my participation in the various meetings via Meetup.

For calling over the Internet, Viber is very convenient. When I return home by city bike I check in advance in the Nexbike app for the availability of bikes at a particular station.
I will give a talk during the “Development Day” at Mobile Trends Conference 2021. What your speech will be about?
Moving to the mobile industry from the world of server-based applications, a certain surprise is the lack of convenient tools for automated application testing. There are quite a few solutions but each has its limitations. Most of the tools are still immature, new frameworks are just emerging and standards are crystallizing. In my lecture I will try to present what are currently available options for automatic testing of applications on the Android platform.

I will present and compare tools such as instrumentation, monkeyrunner, Espresso, UIAutomator, Robotium, Robolectric and others.

Arkadiusz Konior

A graduate of mathematics and computer science at UW. Currently a Groovy programmer with 7 years of experience in Java technologies. Convinced and following TDD principles.

Currently working on an open-sourced, gradle-based build system for mobile apps. Professionally associated with the company Polidea. It has speeches at conferences: Warsjawa and Mobilization.