Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Square smartphone screen, a novelty from BlackBerry

BlackBerry, despite appearances, has not yet died a natural death and is even doing well – at least on the stock market. The company’s shares rose more than 50%, and the company is preparing the release of a new device – Passport, which is sure to attract attention with the most original – because square – screen on the market.


BlackBerry went through a lot of turmoil last year – when it went up for sale, it was on the verge of bankruptcy, while later it tried valiantly to stay in the market and release new products at Mobile World Congress, but they were almost completely silent and failed to generate interest among customers. Despite the fact that BlackBerry has already become a kind of object of ridicule, it turns out that their stock is doing quite well, and on the stock market the company has outperformed many industry competitors in terms of share value growth. At the beginning of 2021, the cost of BlackBerry stock was $7.44, while on July 8 – $11.21 and still growing.

The company’s shares have risen by more than 50%, By comparison, Apple’s stock is up 20%, and Google’s is up 5%, though of course, for companies with such an established position, this is a standard situation.

The angular-square phablet from BlackBerry

The latest device from BlackBerry definitely stands out from the competition. Neither a tablet nor a smartphone, even the word “phablet,” a strange hybrid, doesn’t quite fit here. BlackBerry itself avoids using any of these terms directly. Passport – because that’s the name of the model – It’s almost a square, angular phablet (because, however, the device closest to that term). Passport has a screen with a resolution of 4.5 inches, but the aspect ratio of its screen is completely non-standard compared to other models e.g.

Apple or Samsung. Here we are dealing with square screen, Underneath which is a physical QWERTY keyboard, something that BlackBerry must have. Changing the screen to a square one results in the following, despite a diagonal of 4.5″, in practice we are dealing with an area rather close to 5″.