Sat. May 25th, 2024

Android M – the new version of Android – Google I/O 2022

Yesterday was one of the most important technology events among the annual calendar – Google I/O 2022. It was known that during the event we would learn details about the new version of the Android M operating system. Many of the rumors have been confirmed by official information from Google. Android M to Increased protection of user data, improved movement between apps, introduction of fingerprint reader authentication or access to Android Pay service.

It is still unclear what the development behind the mysterious abbreviation “M” is, but we already know what the main advantages will be hidden in the new version of the system.

New management of application permissions

As mentioned in rumors about the system, Google is increasing its concern for user privacy. One step toward greater data security, is the introduction of a new system for managing app permissions. Instead of accepting app permissions during installation (let’s be honest, not everyone reads their content), apps will ask the user for permissions every time any of the features are to be activated – e.g. permissions to use the microphone, camera or o access the contacts database.

Chrome Custom Tabs


With Chrome Custom Tabs, when you click on a link inside an app, it will not open a new browser app, but only a tab that will be “overlaid” on top of the previously open app. The user will be able to quickly return to the previous window by tapping the undo button. It will streamline navigating through links and remove the need to constantly jump between different apps. Hand in hand with this solution also goes the elimination of the problem of selecting an application to open a given link.

In Android M, some of the links will be immediately associated with apps, so for example. By clicking on a link leading to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, instead of a browser window, a specific application will open for us.

Android Pay

In March, Google announced work on its own Android Pay payment system. During Google I/O 2022, there was an official presentation of the platform. The system is not too different from others available on the market – with Android Pay, phone owners will be able to make payments using NFC.

Fingerprint scanner

Another confirmed rumor – Android M carries support for built-in fingerprint scanners in smartphones. Google through this step hopes to help standardize APIs for services using the fingerprint reader. With this development, users will be able to unlock their phones or make purchases on Google Play using fingerprint authentication.

More battery performance


The new version of the system is also expected to help improve smartphone battery performance. A new feature will be the Doze function, which will detect when the phone is inactive for a long time (e.g. at night) and will, in effect, put it into a parsimonious deep sleep mode, while still retaining key functionality such as. alarm clock or calls. This is expected to significantly extend the life of the phone on a single charge.

Google Now On Tap

Also new will be a new and improved version of Google Now – Google Now On Tap. It will allow you to instantly find information about the content currently displayed on the screen. For example, when discussing a new movie with a friend, after bringing up the Google Now app with a tap on the home button, Google will know the topic of discussion and search for information about the movie – e.g. cast or movie reviews.

Watching a video clip on the YouTube app – Google Now will find e.g. information on the singer. Google Now thus provides another alternative to mobile assistants such as Siri, or Cortana, recently made available for Android phones.
Among the slightly less significant new developments were also USB-C support, which is expected to soon be standard on manufactured devices. As you can see from the system’s new features, Google’s primary focus is on streamlining the phone’s user experience and making the system as intuitive and “user-friendly” as possible. Enhanced security, no need to flip between different applications, fast authentication with a fingerprint or extended battery life – all this is expected to promote even more pleasant and efficient use of smartphones and tablets.
A new version of Android M is already available to developers. It will run on devices such as the Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Player. Official version to be released this fall.
If you want to watch the whole event yourself, its transcript is available on YouTube: