Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

The new version of Google Play is already here! What changes it brings?

The Google Play store is one of the most important elements of the Android ecosystem – no user of Google-provided devices needs to be convinced of that. The U.S. tycoon decided to refresh the look of its app store and bring it in line with the new Material Design philosophy, which was unveiled at the presentation of Android L. What changes have been introduced?

The novelties are primarily visual. What hasn't changed significantly is the navigation, and the placement and design of some elements. To notice the difference, you need to go to the screen of the specific application, as the appearance of the main store window has not changed. After selecting the item of interest, what strikes the eye is the placement of a large graphic (possibly a promotional video), which replaces the small app icon. The star rating, through which we can rate the apps, has been placed much lower.

In the new version of the store, you will have to scroll through the window to express your opinion. Along the way, we'll meet areas with changes and descriptions of applications that have also been hit by some change. This time, the description is not displayed within the main store window, but opens in a new one, which must be closed with a crosshair or gesture.

In my opinion, this change unnecessarily introduces an additional step necessary and I personally preferred the solution used so far.