Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Apple Watch – a smart watch from the Cupertino giant

Major consumer electronics manufacturers have been investing quite heavily in the smartwatch segment for some time now. We have written about this many times, as wearables are one of the most important mobile trends. During yesterday’s conference, Apple joined the ranks of those interested in these technologies, with its smart watch with a rather simple to remember name: Apple Watch.
The shape of “iWatch” looks a bit like a competitor’s product, i.e. Samsung Gear. However, the similarities end with the shape of the envelope. In the words of Apple CEO Tim Cook, the Apple Watch is “the most personal product Apple has ever made.” The U.S. company was expected to devote a lot of resources and time to perfecting the product.

Is the Apple Watch really innovative and will revolutionize, like the iMac or iPhone once did, this segment of consumer devices?
The biggest innovation of the Apple Watch is… The use of the dial. An element that is – almost – an integral part of any traditional timepiece has been used by Apple’s designers and adapted to the interface of the smart watch. With it, you can not only zoom in on menu items, but also switch between windows, apps or scroll through lists.

Another innovation, is the use of sapphire glass, which will provide an unprecedented level of scratch resistance.
The use of the dial, and the limitation of the interface options (there is no keyboard, pinch to zoom gesture, communication can be done only through defined responses or emoticons, possibly by voice), stem from the awareness of the limitations of the size of the watch, which was guided by Apple engineers. The company did not try to transfer the iPhone’s capabilities to the wrist – argued Tim Cook during the conference. Of course, the device’s screen will be touchscreen, what’s more, it will distinguish between the force of pressure.

For example: holding your finger on the watch screen for a longer time, a context menu will appear. There will also be Siri support.
Apple Watch will be used not only for calls, but also will be an important part of Apple’s mHealth platform. A number of sensors have been mounted on the title of the device (m.In. pulse sensor), which will be triggered when you raise your wrist. The hardware also features its own speaker, vibration, gyroscope and accelerometer.
The device will be available in two sizes: 38 mm i 42mm and three variants (the basic version will be steel, “sporty” aluminum, there will also be a premium version in 18K gold). In addition to different sizes and materials, Apple will make available multiple color versions of their watch, which will also differ in the attached strap. On the manufacturer’s website, you can see as many as 18 versions of the Apple Watch.
During the conference, the operation of several applications was shown. Among other things, simple navigation and instant messaging. The presence of photo viewer, music player can also be confirmed.

Of course, there will be support for third-party vendor programs.
Apple Watch will be required to operate the iPhone’s (iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus). The starting price of Apple’s latest product is $349. Unfortunately, the first buyers will only be able to head to stores in early 2022.