Sat. May 25th, 2024

Meaningless smartwatches, or reasons for low demand for wearables

Currently, wearables are being talked about even more than smartphones or tablets themselves. However, promising forecasts for these devices, according to which the wearables market is expected to grow as much as tenfold in the next few years, do not at all equate to a huge interest in wearables on the part of users. Most people… see no point in buying a smartwatch.
Business Insider polled its readers worldwide in October. Interviewed were 2,000 young, affluent professionals, i.e. people who would be potential buyers of smartwatches. They were asked about their thoughts on these wearables devices.

It turns out that demand for these devices is rather low.
According to the survey results, smartwatches are not very popular at all. One question asked why potential customers are not interested in buying a smartwatch. More than half – 51% – simply see no point in such a purchase.

The second most frequently chosen answer was "other" – 15%, and the third "I don't like wearing watches" (13%). Among other reasons were such as the price being too high, too expensive for a watch or ugly appearance.
Smartwatches appeal only to a small group of potential buyers. While more than 80% of those surveyed plan to buy a new phone in the next 6 months, only a fifth are interested in purchasing a smartwatch that coordinates with the phone. It also turns out that the Apple watch comes out on top among the android competition.

About 1/3 of the brand's loyal users plan to buy a smartwatch from Apple.
Of course, smartwatches have their perks, such as. The ability to read notifications and messages from our wrist while the smartphone is a little further away. However, beyond this main advantage, there is a lack of arguments for buying such equipment. The big "wow" is missing, something that no other mobile device will give users. High price and low capabilities do not provide a cost-effective solution.

It remains to be hoped that the wearable revolution will bring with it truly revolutionary applications and solutions that will convince users to buy a smartwatch. So far, unfortunately, the arguments „for” are definitely lacking.