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CES 2022: a review of smartwatches from Alcatel, Lenovo, LG and Sony

A few days ago you could read an interview with Sylvester Madej, who believes that smartwatches are the biggest revolution of the last year. So we decided to prepare for you a small summary of the most important launches from CES 2022. A text has already appeared on the portal, in which we presented Garmin's watch proposals. It turns out that consumer electronics manufacturers have a lot to offer in this segment of devices.

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Alcatel OneTouch Watch

The review of the latest smartwatches should start with the Alcatel OneTouch Watch, the device that generated the most interest. Just looking at the specifications and price of the new watch from the French-Chinese manufacturer is enough to make you want to buy it yourself. The OneTouch Watch's display is a circle with a diagonal 1.22 inches.

Battery, with a capacity of 210 mAh, is to allow even for 5 days of operation without charging. The whole is complemented by a number of sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, e-compass and pulse sensor. The only thing missing was GPS.

Importantly, Alcatel's smartwatch It is waterproof (meets IP67 standard) and will work with the system Android version 4.3 and above and… iPhone’ ami!

The device is expected to appear on the market in March at a price of 150 US dollars. Various color versions will be available. Alcatel will use chrome and stainless steel in its new watch.
OneTouch Watch is a device with pretty good specifications, available at a very good price. What more do you want? I guess only the lack of problems with availability in our country.

Lenovo Vibe Band VB10

An extremely interesting smartwatch was presented by Chinese Lenovo – the VIBE Band VB10 model. What characterizes it? First of all rather unusual screen and the fact,That Attempts to combine the features of a smart band and a watch in one device.

As for the display, Lenovo decided to use the 1.43-inch screen made with technology E-Ink, known mainly for e-book readers. The use of this technology entails certain consequences: the Chinese smartwatch will only display 2 colors, but on the other hand it will be able to run as long as 7 days on a single charge (E-Ink displays are extremely energy-efficient).
Vibe Band VB10 will connect to smartphones running on the Android 4.4 and higher (using Bluetooth 4.0). Of course, there will be no shortage of the standard set of sensors and fitness features. The smartwatch in question will count our steps, calories burned, distance traveled and also display any notifications from the phone or social networks.
Lenovo smartwatch is waterproof (It meets the IPx7 standard), and its price is set at… 89 US dollars. You have acquired a taste for a new gadget? In that case, you will have to wait some more a few months For its market launch.

A mysterious novelty from LG

LG smartwatch, which will now be mentioned, was not officially unveiled at CES 2022 (It doesn't even have a name, speculation is about the "LG W"). However, it has been spotted by vigilant attendees of the event. It turns out that LG has entered into a partnership with the conglomerate Audi, and its fruit is a smartwatch working under the control of the system Open webOS (at the moment it is an open project managed by LG).

So this is another wearable device that will not benefit from the Android Wear platform. In LG's prototype smartwatch, the UI has been adapted to themes familiar from the Korean manufacturer's smartphones. Several apps were also released: dialer, messaging, music player, calendar, LG Health W and the An app to control some Audi car functions.
At the hardware layer, the prototype is similar to the lauded LG Watch R. It is worth noting that the device in question is made of stainless steel and sapphire glass, and is also waterproof.
Audi representatives argued that the smartwatch is just a prototype. However, it seems It may be an example of a device that will come to market in the future. It has been suggested that LG may introduce a series of smartwatches, Which will be more independent of smartphones.

They are intended to be devices that will not just be an accessory to a phone. The basis for this thinking is supposed to be the use of webOS and the inclusion of a speaker in the prototype.
Finally, it is worth mentioning a minor premiere, which is A steel version of the Sony SmartWatch 3 (We described the regular model on the occasion of IFA 2021). Made of stainless steel, the watch certainly takes on a more prestigious look. However, the change in materials brings other benefits.

New version of SmartWatch 3 will provide higher water resistance standard (The original is IP58, and the steel version is IP68). The release of the device has been scheduled for next month. Unfortunately, its price has not been announced.
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